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Free WebDesign / Free WebDesigner Course Part 1 - v2.0

Free WebDesign / Free WebDesigner Course Part 1 - v2.0


Free WebDesign / WebDesigner Course - Part 1 - v2.0

Welcome to the free WebDesign / Free WebDesigner course below Part 1! - this is the improved version 2.0!

Table of contents

WebDesign or WebDesigner

training and courses primarily for beginners recommended. However, the training does not stop at this level! 

Intermediate up to advanced level will also be able to develop. The course will take you step by step, lesson by lesson.

For beginners, it is perhaps less helpful, or more of a refresher, because the course starts from the basics and because the topics and steps are designed for beginners.

Free Online Web Development Course - WebDesigner Designer free courseWeb Design or Web Designer
Free Online Web Development Course - WebDesigner Designer Free Web Design Course - Content is King! 

The following free WebDesigner course, despite being free, provides a lot of help for:

For creating websites,

related to the Websites, and Web presence what he actually said

and the overall picture.

The course consists of several parts, because of its length and complexity. This is the first part, in which the fundsyou, the reader, get an insight into some concepts.

This is the Online WebDesign, WebDesigner training - if the all parts will guide you from the first steps to the advanced level.

The directions and themes are perhaps a little broader.
I'm going to point out here, because I've received criticism about this, that the web development or WordPress for website creation elements should not be part of the topic...

But they will be! Even if only tangentially.
But I wanted to draw the attention of the dear reader to this fact! - of course, these parts are easy to skip.

Let's get started, because I hope that this training series (which at the time of updating this article, currently has 4 parts - WebDesign course part one here ; WebDesign course part two here ; WebDesign course part three here and the WebDesign course part four can be found here) , so I am confident that this training series can literally change the life of the Dear Reader!

What is WebDesign?
Who is WebDesigner?
What is WebDesign?
What will this be suitable for, what will it be used for?

Free Online WebDesign Course?

Web design is really a combination of two different skill sets or industries.


1. Graphic design, image design

One of the graphic design Design, which is about how to use design, shapes, backgrounds, graphic elements. Whether it's matching colours that fit in with the context and the message you're conveying pictures, photos, videos design and presentation of the website in the most optimal way to convey the message to the user. 

Of course, part of the typography which will be discussed in more detail later. So, by preliminary, we mean the selection, use, dimensions, colours, layout of characters, letters, fonts.
We understand the brand, the brand and the image design is.

A very important aspect of all this, if we are talking about a website, for example website loading speed is.

Although this is basically an element of the next point, but we should also mention here, since an example not properly optimised, scaled, compressed image from or video element, in addition to crippling the site, can also have an extremely negative impact on organic search results, page ranking and ranking, and can even completely can sentence a person to death well prepared in other respects website


The rest of the article can be found at this link, on the original page of the article on

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